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Day One

The following has been written by our Scouts during the Jersey 2018 summer camp; please note although the text has been proof read it is not our intention to cause offence to any of our readers or followers….. (even those mentioned within the blog!)

Day one – Freddie (Scout)

The time was 10am. The weather was… British. With emotions that had never been felt before we anxiously waited in the hall, our minds racing with possible scenarios. What will it be like? Will we sleep? How long will Scott talk for?

We boarded the coach with oblivious smiles; our parents waved us away with joy, 1 week of freedom!

Newcastle Airport was our destination. We sped through the airport (no we didn’t) we browsed the generic, overpriced products and burnt money on Toblerone.

Groans were heard as 40 children¬† entered a plane; the other passengers weren’t exactly buzzing with sheer joy for our arrival.

Interestingly, someone apparently had never flown before, not sure what they were thinking when they signed up. One sweet-filled flight later, we were on our descent down for landing, but then we weren’t! Suddenly, we pulled up, confusion was in the air as we continued to go up. What had happened? Were we not going to Jersey? Can this baby please shut up?

Turns out the weather was too bad for landing and we just had to wait! The plane circled the air for a while and at one point we were going to Bristol!

Anyway we didn’t go to Bristol and we landed safely on attempt three!

At the hostel, Scott gave a speech worthy of a Nobel Prize for length, and we were allocated rooms or tents. With our meals in our stomachs (aside from one person who threw it up), we went to bed.