Cubs – London 2014

10 August 2013

Updated 19/08/14

A full report about London is being compiled and the DVD is being produced, this will be with you all soon.

Should anyone wish to provide feedback about the camp, please do by e-mailing it to:


Updated 18/07/14

As all of our Sections have now finished for the Summer Holidays we would like to remind all participants of the

forthcoming camp to keep in touch. Our team will be reminding you of things over the next couple of weeks and

we will notify you of any important changes to the camp should any arise.


Update 21/06/14

Now that we have held our participant meeting we can confirm that plans and arrangements are well underway for camp!

Hopefully if anyone has any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Updated – 04/06/14

A Parent and Participant meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 11th June 2014 and is being held at our church hall

between 6:30pm and 8pm.

All participants have been e-mailed the relevant information, if you have not received this please contact the team.


Updated – 06/05/14

A Parent and Participant meeting date will be issued to you all very soon, exciting news and developments

have occurred for this camp and we know you’re all going to love them!


April 2014 – London Update

Last week the leaders attended the campsite and a number of venues to undertake and complete some risk assessments.

We would like to update you all on the progress of the camp plans and would still like to confirm that the camp is going to be a brilliant experience for all attending.

We have a wide range of activities and events planned during our stay but we are unable to disclose any of the details at present.

A meeting for all participants will be arranged in the coming weeks, if however you have any questions or queries beforehand, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Updated – 14/01/14

The Scout section have launched a joint trip to London with the Cub Pack, but what does this mean?

This means that the Scouts will be attending the same campsite at the same time as the Cub Pack but they will run and hold their own independent Scout Camp to allow the young people to gain new skills and different experiences!

Interest letters have been given to every young person and they have 14 Days to express an interest in this event!

Once the interest has been gathered further information will be provided to you all.


Now that the London enrollment date has passed we are confident we have enough young people to make this event a success. We will now move forward with our 2014 camp plans to ensure that we provide the best possible experience to our cub scouts.

We will provide further updates to parents in January 2014!


So far we have had a great uptake for this camp!, we still have spaces left but not many, remember the deadline for the enrollment of current

Cub Scouts is Wednesday 25th September 2013!


The Cub section are currently planning our Summer Camp for 2014 and we have chosen to return to a campsite we used in 2011.

We will stay at Chalfont Heights Scout Campsite in Buckinghamshire just outside of London.

Plans are currently being processed and parents have been invited to our launch night on Wednesday 4th September 2013.

Visit our notices section of this site to download our initial letter and competition information.