Cubs – Big Bear Challenge!

30 April 2014

Update: 2 – 04/06/14

Cub Scout Big Bear Challenge is back!


New Single Bear








The ides of the challenge is to see how far we can get around the country or the world over the next 10 months, we have to be back in time to hibernate during the winter so its important that we take photographs and keep a weekly record of our lives so that we can show our friends and families when we return.

In 2010 when we last came to  visit the Cub group we went as far as Disney Land, Paris, Rome, Greece and many other places, We want to see how much of an adventure you can take us on!

We have made many friends whilst we have been away and were back to share our experience and learn with you the next chapter of our lives!

Every week our four mascots will be issued a new owner, firstly why not meet the family:







Shoe Box – Aged 4

Likes: Travelling, Hiking, Running and Parties

Dislikes: Thunder and Spiders

Favourite Colour: Blue







Ted Cub – Aged 4

Likes: The Beach, Music, Cinema and meeting famous people

Dislikes: Walking and Food

Favourite Colour: Green







Mr Gorilla – Aged 4

Likes: Parks, Legoland, Fish, Watching Football and Golf

Dislikes: Being left alone and Dogs!

Favourite Colour: Purple








Cubbie Cub – Aged 4

Likes: Bear Grylls, Advenute, Archery, Walking, Kayaking, Climbing, Reading

Dislikes: Busses, Horses, Tuna and Cheese!

Favourite Colour: Orange


Now that you have met the family, let’s begin our adventure and see what happens next!


We’ll be updating everyone about our adventures in June 2014!


Shoe Box left a footprint in the snow last time, then Cubbie Cub rolled all over it, be back soon 🙂

BearPrint for birth certificates