Cub Scout Chefs Badge

28 October 2013

October 2014 saw 5 Cub Scouts work towards their Cub Scout Chefs Badge at the district headquarters in Whitley Bay.


The 5 were tasked with planning, preparing and serving a 3 course meal for 10 invited guests. They planned an adventurous menu consisting of 3 starters, 3 mains and 2 deserts. In each course the quests had the option to select the ‘Cub Scout Surprise’ and many of them dared to chose this!


Friday night started with taking the Cubs shopping for all of their ingredients and equipment trying to stick within a budget.

We spent just under 2 hours shopping and they spent a small amount over their budget, but apparently they were essential items!


We arrived back at the Quarry Centre on Friday evening and the Cubs began to prepare some of the ingredients, they were chopping, peeling, cooking, freezing, setting and then cleaning late into the night! All of this assisted them for Saturday morning!


After not allowing Akela to get much sleep the Cubs were up and raring to go! They ate breakfast, cooked by a very tired Akela and then began to prepare the resit of their ingredients along with trying to transform the quarry centre into a special dining experience for the invited guests.


Checkout the pictures of the event – click here for more –


After working hard and learning valuable skills within the kitchen, our Cubs gained the Chefs Badge.


Some of our guests said:

“This was brilliant food, we were not expecting that standard”

“We were not expecting that”

“The Strawberry Cheesecake was to die for”

“The Cubs have done brilliantly well”


Those are just some of the comments made!


Well done to Amy, Alexander, Oliver, Nathan and Ethan on attaining their Cub Scout Chefs Badge.